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Kevin M. Wray brings a wealth of trial experience and criminal procedure know-how to representing criminally accused

Have you been arrested or charged with a crime in CHESTER, DELAWARE, MONTGOMERY OR PHILADELPHIA COUNTY?

Whether you have been charged with felonies, misdemeanors, or summary offenses, the Law Office of Kevin Mark Wray is ready to defend you. 

You have a Constitutional Right to be Represented by an Attorney and with Kevin Mark Wray you get representation without judgment or moralizing.   One thing you will never here from Criminal Defense Attorney Kevin Mark Wray is "I don't handle those kind of criminal charges."  Additionally, Criminal Defense Attorney Kevin Mark Wray can help you with appeals, bail bond hearings, and bench warrants.  

Criminal Defense Attorney Kevin Mark Wray is dedicated to criminal defense and has committed his practice to helping the accused in Southeast Pennsylvania (Chester County, Delaware County, Montgomery County, and Philadelphia).  It doesn't matter what kind criminal charge has been brought against you, Criminal Defense Attorney Kevin Mark Wray has the experience, knowledge and practical skills to help.

Know Your Rights

After an arrest, it is important that you know and understand your rights.  The Law Office of Kevin Mark Wray is committed to helping people like you understand their legal rights and stand up for them in the face of serious criminal allegations.  For instance, if law enforcement approaches you and attempts to search your home, person or car, you have the right to say “NO”.  After refusing, contact the Law Office of Kevin Mark Wray as soon as possible.  During an arrest, you have the right to know why you have been taken into custody.  Additionally, police must inform you of the allowable penalties related to your alleged crime.  After an arrest, you have the right to seek legal help.  

Do I need a Criminal Defense Attorney?

After an arrest, you may feel hopeless and question whether or not a criminal defense attorney can really help your case.  Arrest and conviction are two entirely different matters.  You are presumed innocent until the Commonwealth is able to prove otherwise. With a high-quality legal advocate on your side, you stand a better chance of avoiding conviction and protecting your innocence.  In the face of a criminal conviction, your reputation and freedom are at stake.  

Let Criminal Defense Attorney Kevin Mark Wray go to bat for you, have an experienced criminal defense attorney in your corner.  Even if you know that the charges brought against you are erroneous, you face the possibility of a conviction.  If convicted, you will be subject to the same penalties as everyone else. Getting arrested is a serious matter.  At the Law Office of Kevin Mark Wray, we are just as serious about helping our clients avoid convictions. Contact us today and schedule a case consultation so that we can begin fighting for you.


My Office is directly across the street from the Delaware County Courthouse

(less than 100 feet!)


(610) 800-5487 (Mobile)*
(610) 810-2999 (Office)

*Give your name, phone number and some basic information about your legal situation and I will call you back as soon as I leave Court or simply use this form to send me an email.



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Fran | Reply 26.12.2014 22.26

Hi I was wondering I have a good friend Nicole she did try to take a 10$ item got scared never left the store now theft charges have Ben filed??????

Katie | Reply 28.11.2014 20.55

where can I view more question and answers people posted

Chris Scheuerman | Reply 27.09.2014 07.55

Kevin. It's Chris Scheuerman. Have you see that Phila cop Jeff Walker was indicated? This could allow you to get the conviction of Sam Greene thrown out.

Steven | Reply 16.08.2014 10.29

Enlighten me on the prospects of having criminal charges dropped if the lead
Investigator is christopher hulmes?

dee pounds | Reply 18.07.2014 17.00

Thankyou for returning my call quickly i feel better

Andrew Hudson | Reply 28.05.2014 07.50

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The United States, and I have a simple proposition
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One of my attorney cli

paulo | Reply 08.04.2014 20.31

let´s make a vote/list for getting mike dozer out of jail, please

Chas Defeo | Reply 01.10.2013 17.19

It's Defeo from martindale , we don't give more than 10 percent discount on google placement. I fought for you and got the company to agree to 20 percent so we

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Good and entertaining "non-advice" - can you do a piece on the terrible, awful behavior of the Cruise part in A Few Good Men?

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Hi I was wondering I have a good friend Nicole she did try to take a 10$ item got scared never left the store now theft charges have Ben filed??????

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Good Evening Mr. Wray,
I just wanted to follow-up along with my previous email.
Thank you. I will call you tomorrow.

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Good Evening Mr. Wray,
My name is Wendy Fallen, I spoke with your briefly last week concerning my nephew. Time is of the essence. I will contact you tomorrow.

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