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Kevin M. Wray brings a wealth of trial experience and criminal procedure know-how to representing the criminally accused.

Are you facing a criminal charge? Facing any type of criminal allegation can be intimidating and finding the right attorney may seem like an overwhelming or impossible task.

I am committed to helping people like you stay out of jail and keep their records clean. I am passionate about criminal defense and I am ready to use my personal, educational, and vocational experience to help you today.

To see what I can do for your case, contact my office today and schedule a FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION ABOUT YOUR CASE. The sooner I hear from you, the faster I can begin constructing an aggressive and effective strategy to get you the case outcome you want.



MEDIA, PA 19063

My Office is directly across the street from the Delaware County Courthouse (less than 100 feet!)


(610) 800-5487 (Mobile)*
(610) 810-2999 (Office)

*Give your name, phone number and some basic information about your legal situation and I will call you back as soon as I leave Court or simply use the form below to send me an email. 

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27.02 | 05:05

Have you ever heard of a case when a person was charged with felony for forging a prescription for a non-scheduled drug, such as an antibiotic, for example?

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26.08 | 19:50

I need information on your costs
My fiancee was taken into custody while out of town working, in Philadelphia. I am 9 months pregnant.

24.07 | 02:56

i made a threat to a women who was calling after i lost my23yr old Daughter.

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